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Boxers are one of the most wonderful breeds of dogs around. They are loyal, obedient, loving, and highly intelligent. They are best buddies with children and are natural guardians. Their expressive and playful personalities, as well as their devotion and protective nature, make them one of the most popular breeds in America today.

Puppies!!!The Tramel family has owned boxers for several generations, and has known the fine quality of the breed for many years. For some, they have been part of the family and great companions all of their lives. They are dedicated not only to improving the breed, but also to finding good quality homes for their AKC registered pups. They are not dogs to the Tramels, they are members of the family.

The Tramels live on a 150 acre horse farm in Liberty, Tennessee, where their dogs are free to run, play, and swim, getting plenty of daily exercise. There are large open fields, woodlands, streams and ponds that make their place a virtual doggy heaven. While most of their time is spent outside, their boxers are well behaved indoors as well, but they are always given the room and space these energetic dogs need.

History of the Boxer

The boxer was developed in Germany, in the late 19th century, through breeding of Old English Bulldogs and the now extinct Bullenbeisser. They are part of the Molosser group, which gets its name from Molossia in ancient Greece, where large shepherd dogs were known as Molossus. Other breeds in this group include the Bullmastiff, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, and the Spanish Bulldog. Imported to the United States after World War I, the boxer began to rise in popularity in the 1930’s.

Temperament and Build

Considered a medium-sized dog, the boxer is a well-conditioned athlete with a stocky build. Their shorthaired coat is smooth over a muscled frame. Their colors are fawn or brindle, with or without white markings. They have broad short skulls, a square muzzle, very strong jaws, and a powerful bite. Boxers were once trained to hunt large game, locking onto the prey’s muzzle with their brawny jaws, until a hunter could bring down the game. Boxers were also originally used for fighting. The breed is known for using its front legs while playing or fighting, appearing to box with its front paws.

Sean and DixieThe Boxer requires little grooming, but needs daily exercise. They are energetic and nimble animals that love to run and play. They combine strength and agility with elegance and style. Their expression is alert and his temperament steadfast and tractable. Despite their fierce appearance and once violent roles as a working class dog, the boxer is actually quite gentle and loving. They have a great desire for human affection and simply want to please their master. They are patient and playful with children, making them a great choice for families. They are timid and good-humored amongst the family, but fearless and undaunted when protecting their loved ones.

The character of the Boxer is of the greatest importance and demands the most solicitous attention. He is renowned from olden times for his great love and faithfulness to his master and household. He is harmless in the family, but distrustful of strangers, bright and friendly of temperament at play, but brave and determined when aroused. His intelligence and willing tractability, his modesty and cleanliness make him a highly desirable family dog and cheerful companion. He is the soul of honesty and loyalty, and is never false or treacherous even in his old age.
— 1938 AKC Boxer breed standard

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