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If you came here from the United States Civil War Center links page, we would like to tell you what we think of their site and their anti-Southern views. Let us first tell you that quite some time ago we asked them to remove us from their links page. We felt that their bias against Southern heritage and Southern culture was not something we wanted to be associated with. We asked them several times to be removed from their list of links. Finally, they did remove our page from their list but, now we see that they have once again added our site (without our permission). Rather than waste our time with a VERY discourtious webmaster, we have decided to just tell you what we think of them and their anti-Southern website.

Does anyone find it odd that upon entering the U.S. Civil War Center (CWC) on the campus of Louisiana State University, one is greeted by a large bust of Abraham Lincoln? Or that a bit further on, a partial model of the Louisiana monument has been stripped of the battle flag that is supposed to cover a slain Confederate soldier? It isn't odd when you realize that you have entered an historical version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, where words and images mean exactly what the director, wishes them to mean.

The LSU CWC claims to be ‘balanced’ and ‘unbiased’ in providing computer and research services to those interested in studying the War for Southern Independence. In reality, however, the Center is decidedly pro-Union and revisionist in its outlook. In February 1996, the Director staged a two-night programme glorifying the anti-Southern demagogue Frederick Douglass. Previously, the Center held a programme featuring yankee cavalry officer and famed Indian fighter, George Armstrong Custer, who is remembered and reviled by Southerners largely because of his massacre of Confederate POWs. Also, a Center-sponsored programme featuring Kareem Abdul Jabbar expounding on "black profiles in courage" made patriotic Southerners howl with anger.

But this is about what one should expect from an organization that proudly boasts of its liberal luminary Board of Directors Ted Turner, Tom Wicker, Ken Burns, and the afore-mentioned Kareem Abdul Jabbar and a Center that quickly removed the Confederate Battle Flag from its logo to avoid offending the "diversity" crowd.

A Joint Congressional Resolution introduced by liberal Senator John Breaux (D - La.)and signed by President Bill Clinton places the CWC in a position to dominate public discourse on the causes and consequences of the war during the sesquicentennial celebration of the ‘Civil War’ in 2011. We can, therefore, expect a rush of anti-Southern propaganda from this nest of Scalawags if steps are not taken to correct this outrage. Time is of the essence, LSU is beginning to feel the heat! Do your part to help rid Louisiana and the South of this anti-Southern travesty! Join the fight!!!

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